Students experience positive outcomes through their participation in school/ business activities by:

  • Enhanced academic performance as workplace experiences reinforce academic learning
  • Greater motivation for learning as students see the applications of classroom learning to the workplace
  • Development of teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Expanded career and education options
  • Relationships developed with adult mentors and supervisors


Educators benefit from school/business interaction through:

  • Expanded communication and awareness among business, educators, and local leaders
  • Assistance in developing contextual learning programs and curriculum
  • Professional development opportunities exposing them to the skills and knowledge needed in today and tomorrow's workplace
  • Access to business expertise, experience, and resources


Employers find that their investment in education activities have these rewards:

  • Strengthens the link between work and learning as well as labor market supply and demand

  • Promotes collaboration between employers and educators to support workforce development

  • Enhances employee morale, supports employees as parents
  • Enhances company's reputation by positioning company on the important issue of education reform
  • Improves community relations through participation with the Wyoming County Business Education Council


The Community benefits from seeing their young adults mature and gain confidence through school/business interaction by:

  • Demonstrating to students the relevance of their studies

  • Challenging students to meet higher academic standards

  • Fostering skills needed for college or employment training and for making good choices

  • Promoting individual decision making

  • Teaching about a wide range of careers at an early age