Jeffrey Fitch, Owner
Signlanguage, Inc.

Todd Campbell , Supt.
Letchworth Central School

Donald O'Geen, DA
Wy. Cty. District Attorney

Sonia Dumbleton
Five Star Bank
Jessica  Hibbard
Genesee Community College

Andrea Aldinger , Director
WY. CTY. Youth Bureau/OFA

Angela Wiseman
Koike Aronson, Inc.

Ben Halsey, Supt.
Pioneer Central School
Roxanne Dueppengiesser
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Norbert Fuest,

AppleTree Consulting Services

Bryce Thompson, Supt.
Attica Central School

Brent Hastings , Supervisor
Wy. Cty. Board of Supervisors,

Town of Eagle

Connie Almeter,

Director of Nursing
Wy. Cty. Community Hospital

Joseph Englebert , Supt.
Warsaw Central School

Keith Granger

Wy. Cty. Board of Supervisors,

Town of Castile

Brianna Stone, Branch Manager,  Warsaw
The Bank of Castile

Steve Hull, Human Resource Director

Morton Salt

Daryl McLaughlin , Supt.
Perry Central School



Dr. Julie Donlon,

Assistant Superintendent

GV Educational Partnership

Kathleen Schuessler, Supt.

Wyoming Central School







Brianna Stone , President


 Daryl McLaughlin , Vice President

 Connie Almeter, Secretary


 Bryce Thompson ,Treasurer 

 Dr. Julie Donlon , Past President   


Finance Committee    
Jeffrey Fitch    
Connie Almeter    
Bryce Thompson    
Sonia Dumbleton